About Us

Bringing Accountability to the fast paced world of buying goods. Our goals is to inform and empower our buyers when purchasing goods. The Zipper in Zipperbuy.com refers to the name used for an electronic banner that scrolls news or advertisements across a building. Just as you have one opportunity to acquire the news as it scrolls by, you have one opportunity to acquire goods as they scroll across zipperbuy.com.

Our system is simple, we bring you deals at a faster pace, which allows them to be sold at a lower price. The conditions of the items can vary depending on their source. We do our best to identify any imperfections and state them clearly in the sale. If we miss an issue, we give you 7 days to return the item(s). We work with new products, used products, and damaged products. The description of the item, in the sale, will give you the condition of the item as our staff observed it.

We are local and easy to find when it comes time for you to pick up your items. We are currently expanding around the Ohio area. If we are not in your area now, we hope to be soon.

Start making offers today, you will love the amount you will save and the products you will gain.